Survival Food Tabs2

Survival Food Tabs

180 tabs for 15 full days

Survival Food Tabs got its birth from the early space program. In the 1960s the US Federal Government was looking for a food source for special situations, including the Space Program, with the following criteria:

There would have to be a high amount of nutrition in a small, portable product. What came from this effort would later be labeled the “Survival Food Tabs“.

Survival food tabs are so concentrated with nutrition you could also survive on only 12 tabs per day. Not only would you survive but it is enough nutrition to actually keep you alive and moving for months at a time.

12 Survival Food Tabs per day is all you need if you are surviving solely on them but you would not need many at all if you have other fruits, berries and a variety of food available to find. In times of intense workout, strenuous exercise etc. more can be taken.

Each serving of Survival Food Tabs has 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals, high quality easy assimilated protein although with most food products, 30%-60% of the calorie content leaves the body unused. Survival Food Tabs are so completely usable and digestible. In fact 99% of their calorie content can be actually utilized for energy. Actually ninety-seven percent of the protein content is available for repair or replacement of essential body substances, such as blood, muscle and nerves. The uptake of Survival Food Tabss is extremely impressive.

Survival Food Tabs have a 10+ year shelf life due to advanced packaging methods:
1: This is accomplished by compression of the tabs with 1000s of lbs of pressure. Oxygen and moisture are the enemies of food but with this process it is nearly impossible to penetrate the tablets and therefore the ingredients are safe.
2: The Survival Food Tabs are also packaged in heavy-duty opaque bottles. Neither light or oxygen can penetrate the packaging.
3: Last, but not least, the closure (cap) is specially designed as a screw-type lid sealed with tamper resistant tape after being tightly screwed on.

When all is said and done Survival Food Tabs are not only for survival but are a convenient, compact, lightweight, life saving, emergency food ration that is delicious and nutritious enough to use every day.   Don’t even think about the 10+ year shelf life.

They are so delicious,  in 2 flavors, you won’t want to wait for an emergency as a reason to try them.  They are downright YUMMY.  Try some today.

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